How Gestalt Parent Coaching Works Best

When we first came to meet with you we were trying everything we could think of to parent our oldest son, and it wasn't working.

When we reached out to you for help we were taken aback that you weren't planning on “Fixing Our Son,” but rather intended on working with us directly.

Over the year that we worked together, and even more in the 4 months since we have stopped meeting regularly, we have come to appreciate the benefits of your approach.

You taught us to parent using those tools you taught us which you believed in and had found effective. Your supportive coaching and focus on what we were doing well helped us engage in the process and modeled for us how to work with our son and his 3 brothers and sister. Our oldest son has grown a lot in the past year, but more importantly we have grown as parents.

General Update — Four months after ending our work with you, we are all doing well. We have been skiing and figuring our how to live together while in the car and when we are together skiing. Our son is doing well in school, and continues to do well with sports. He has been doing a good job of staying up to date with his schoolwork, and has made a lot of progress on how he treats the rest of the family.
Thank you very much! 
BBH, Cape Elizabeth, ME


Blended Families

It is difficult to put into words just how much you have helped our family. A blended family brings with it challenges that are difficult to fully comprehend. You are always there to provide the guidance, support, and knowledge to help us navigate those challenges. And you have instilled in us the confidence, as well as the tools, we need to manage many of them on our own. We know we can come to you at any time, and you will offer realistic, sensible advice without judgment. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do.
"W.H. and A.M., North Yarmouth".


"It has been some time since we connected, and I wanted to thank you again for all of the support and encouragement you have provided our family. We aren't perfect in how we handle things, but our life sure has smoothed out considerably! Many thanks to you for all of your patience and efforts. "

School Related

"I just wanted to extend a very big thank you to you for all of your help. To find someone that would not only listen and understand, but to also reach out and help has been an enormous progression for us. There are scores of professionals out there, but all it takes is one person that cares. I'm thankful we found you and for your support. We will definitely keep in touch."
B. & P. Yebba South Portland, Maine


"That’s why you’re the coach and I’m the player: I listen well! Thank you for all that you’ve done for me and my family."
H. Krigman, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

"We are very appreciative of your help. Please feel free to use the following comments if you think they would help others. It was good to meet with you last night. There is no doubt that we have learned much with your guidance. We will try to "stay positive," be "strength based," "catch the kids being good," and "be strategic" as much as we can! I'm sure we will be in touch in the future. Thanks so much!"
SLB Cape Elizabeth, ME

Divorcing Families

"Working with you has provided me with the support and access to your knowledge about parenting which has been irreplaceable. As I move through my divorce, it is my kids who are and will be the beneficiary of my increasing awareness of how to be a better, more effective Father. I am enjoying the journey; I just wanted to thank you for "coaching" me through this! Your help has been invaluable and your continued support greatly appreciated"
- H. Krigman Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Young Adults Living At Home

"It's nice to have the support to get us through this challenging but also growing period for all of us. It's interesting...perhaps the outcome of this will be a leap forward for our 21 yo son!"
- B.R. Falmouth, Maine

"You have helped our 26 yo son immeasurably...he is using your strategies at work daily...successfully! My wife and I would like him to continue to see you; your coaching has been a source of support and change for our whole family!
- Parents of an Adult Child Living at home Windham, ME

Behavior Management of Young Children

"When we first came to you, our 5 yo daughter was being labeled a "mean girl" by her school. You helped us understand how we could become an important part of assisting her in changing her behavior, and by doing so, you saved her and you saved us! Now, when we find ourselves stuck, we look at each other, smile and say, "What would Harvey do?" I can't begin to share with you how grateful we are for your providing us with an alternative to simply blaming our daughter for "misbehavior," and for your support and knowledge during this critical part of her development."
- Yarmouth, Maine

Life Coaching

"What a wonderful session, indeed! I'm glad to have met you, Harvey. I think of you more as a life coach than a parent coach."
- Divorcing client, Portland, Maine

We were initially skeptical about Harvey's approach to coaching as we thought it was our son who needed direct support and coaching. Despite our initial skepticism, and my husband's disinclination toward the "touchy, feely", we decided to give Harvey a chance. Harvey was able to impart a great deal of constructive information on how we, as parents, can better help and support both of our kids. By talking through day to day interactions, Harvey increased our awareness as parents, exposed our strengths and opportunities and helped us develop a positive game plan for overcoming obstacles and achieving goals. He also helped us see the strengths and opportunities in both of our kids. This was time well spent - it was a enlightening experience and we are seeing positive results.

David and Susan, S. Portland, Maine

You are so exactly what we needed in our lives! Amazing how when one is ready to learn a lesson, a teacher appears! 
- RNKF, Lovell, Maine