“You’re the Boss, Coaching’s the Horse!”

     I recently heard a discussion in which an individual was confronting an employee regarding the work that he had contracted with the employee’s company to do at his house.  The homeowner was complaining that the employee to whom he was speaking had made some independent decisions (with which he apparently disagreed) without the home owner’s approval.  Entering into this discussion was the employee’s boss, the owner of the firm and the Supervisor of the employee in question.  

    The business owner proceeded to inform the homeowner that it was actually he who had made the decisions in question that the homeowner was complaining about, and had done so in what he felt was in the best interest of the home owner. 

     Chiming in,  the employee added, proudly pointing to his boss, “I’m the horse,  he’s the boss!”implying that his role as an employee, was to faithfully carry out and execute his boss’ directions to the best of his ability,  something in which he took great pride.

    I had never heard the phrase “I’m the horse, he’s the boss” before, and it got me to thinking as it applies to coaching.  When I work with a client,  THEY’RE the Boss and coaching is the vehicle (the horse!) that carries out the goals and aspirations of the client with whom I am working; I am proud to be that vehicle, accomplishing the desired mission in a professional and effective manner.

    This is an important point of conduct for me. No matter what the initial focus of my working with a client may entail, the client is always in charge. Coaching goals often evolve as the client and coach become more attuned to working with each other but they only change or shift at the behest of the client.   Goals are addressed,  goals are repeatedly reassessed, whether those goals are of the of the individual, family or organization.  However,  the mission is always to meet the stated need(s) of the client.

    As a coach,  my goal is to support and assist you in meeting your goals beginning with your initial awareness of your need or desire to enlist some coaching support.  As a coach, it is also always a pleasure to see other goals develop and evolve.  As coaching progresses or perhaps shifts focus to incorporate new challenges,  the awareness of a desire to change other aspects of one’s life is not uncommon as topics emerge which are both figural and important to the client.

    As your coach at Aucocisco Coaching,  I look forward in the New Year to working with you. Allow Aucocisco Coaching to serve as the vehicle for you to address and meet those life challenges which perhaps have been “nagging” at you for awhile, barking at your heels begging for your attention!  

    Consider coaching as a meaningful, effective support as you move toward a better, more fruitful and fulfilling life.  

Indeed, please allow Aucocisco Coaching to assist you in meeting those life goals…after all, You’re the Boss!

Take care…and stay positive!