Worn Down, Worn Out…

Do these words ring a bell?

At any given time, many or most of us experience family-related stresses which I like to call “problems in living.” 

What parent hasn’t experienced feeling worn down, worn out in association with:

  • Children with medical challenges
  • Finicky eaters
  • Academic under-performers; school-related concerns that give way to arguments, tension and…tears
  • Young adults still living at home and…stuck
  • Non-cooperative or oppositional children who defy their parent’s authority to set limits, boundaries or establish routines for their children
  • Parenting children with complex developmental needs, such as those in the spectrum
  • Learning disabilities, especially children with complex challenges such as those with non-verbal learning disabilities 

Problems that persist without resolution wear us down, wear us out; they add to our stress and satisfaction with our family life. No matter how well-intentioned we are in our attempts to solve these or how hard we are willing to work to do so, some problems just do not easily go away.  

Sometimes our best intentions are thwarted by circumstances beyond our control, sometimes we just need outside support, an objective third party, a professionally qualified individual to assist us…sometimes we just need a new approach from someone who cares!

Consider enlisting the services of a professional coach, someone not only experienced in working with families, but someone also familiar with an array of different approaches and strategies that can assist and support your earnest efforts in resolving your concerns.

I’ll look forward to receiving your call. Please remember that there is no charge for your initial consultation.  Call me at (207) 773-7323.