What is a Strengths-Based Approach to Coaching?

Strengths-Based Coaching at Aucocisco Coaching

“Coaching: Looking Toward the Future and Not the Past”

Many individuals regularly ask me if my strengths-based approach to coaching means that I believe that there are no problems that exist that need to be directly addressed and solved. I do believe that there are issues and difficulties that exist and that are weighing on your mind. That is why you are considering coaching as a path to support your journey to solving them! But I have a different approach that doesn’t involve making you feel guilty about what you haven’t done or what you could have done differently in the past, experiencing shame, or feeling that if you are struggling with a problem, that you must struggle alone. In your efforts to change how you do what you do in order to achieve a better life, coaching is an approach you may want to seriously consider in helping you create and achieve that better future. 

When you are thinking about coaching as a path to address your concerns you need support and you want assistance. When concerns in your life have risen to a level of conscious awareness that they are in need of attention, and prior attempts have failed, why not consider coaching?  The term I use that categorizes the types of issues that are brought to my attention is “Problems in Living.” Problems in Living are the types of challenges we all face at different points in our lives.  Whether these challenges have to do with achieving:

  • Parenting Goals (behavior management, academic under-performance, non-compliant children, children with Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficits, Developmental Disabilities), Adult children still living at home
  • Personal (academic, physical fitness, diet-related) Interpersonal Goals 
  • (meeting others, beginning a relationship or maintaining one, starting/managing a conversation), 
  • Work-related Goals (effective communication with peers or superiors, getting promoted, getting along with a difficult boss or peer)

These are just a few of the areas in which a coach can support your progress. There exists a range of approaches from which the most appropriate method or methods can be selected to so that you achieve the best results possible.

Aucocisco Coaching chooses to work within what is known as a strengths-based approach.  This means that we build upon your existing strengths and then we assist you in expanding what you already do well so that you can learn to to use new strategies and skills in relation to what you already do well to better advantage.  We don’t focus on what isn’t working, we focus on what IS working. This isn’t as simple as it sounds…It requires a coach familiar with a variety of techniques and methods of coaching so the proper, most effective approaches are selected. Our focus and approaches are drawn from respected schools in psychology and other fields including Gestalt Psychology, Positive Psychology, Organizational Psychology and Behavioral Psychology, all of which have been extensively documented regarding their effectiveness.  

We first arrange an introductory meeting, at no cost. We want to assure that both you and your prospective coach will feel comfortable working with each other.  Establishing and then building upon this trust allows your coach to support your desire for change, your efforts in doing so, and the achievement of your goals(s). Both you and your coach need to feel a connection so that you can both work effectively together.

Coaching is a “growth” experience. Each individual is unique, so that the speed at which you proceed, identifying your priorities and the selection of methods must be custom tailored you as a unique individual or to your family situation. With these tools and strategies that are best suited to you, you will achieve your goals!

So when you hear that Aucocisco Coaching is “strengths-based,” I hope that you will remember the above, and that at any given point in time, we believe that we are all trying to do the best we can. Just because we have tried to change and been unsuccessful doesn’t mean our desire to change isn’t genuine.  We want to be better parents, more successful in our jobs, happier than we are currently feeling. Sometimes we require an additional outside point of view or perspective to help us achieve our goals; most probably we require a different, new approach. As Albert Einstein so eloquently put it, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results!”  

New skills, strategies and ways of behaving are usually required in order to to bring about the changes necessary to achieve our goals.  Yet the changes you seek will occur most successfully when you bring both your motivation (which the coach supports in weekly meetings) but also your openness to building up the awareness and considering alternatives to what you have tried in the past that have been unsuccessful or what you do well that needs to evolve into a more figural approach to addressing your concerns. As your coach, I will have a role in assisting and supporting you in identifying and working on those areas that you want to develop further.

  • Being well-intentioned is a step in the right direction but it doesn’t necessarily get you where you want to go…

  • Tap into your existing strengths and realize the potential and experience the success you desire and deserve

  • Guilt and shame are unproductive emotions; you deserve better. 

There is no need to reinvent yourself or deny who you are: you are perfectly acceptable the way you are; you are currently doing your best….you just need some coaching!  

Give me a call today to discuss your individual needs; I’ll look forward to speaking with you!