Harvey Melnick, Principal Coach at Aucocisco Coaching, is a graduate of the State University of New York at Buffalo where he graduating with Highest Distinction from the Department of Psychology with a BA (Honors). He successfully completed all of the academic coursework for a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky.

After leaving graduate school and coming to Maine, Harvey entered the social services field and was hired to develop the first Children's Mental Health Service at Community Health Services, and later moved to Community Counseling Center where he worked as Director of Program Development and participated as Co-Director in the launching of a number of innovative mental health programs.

Following his departure from Community Counseling Center, Harvey entered the private sector in the field of Human Resources, working for a number of years at what is now UNUM , where he worked as a Human Resources and Senior Human Resources Representative. He also worked at Wang Laboratories in Lowell, Massachusetts as a Senior Human Resources Consultant, and worked as both an external consultant and internal Director of Human Resources for DeLorme Mapping, Yarmouth, Maine.    

Along with his wife, Barbara, he founded the Learning Achievement Center, Maine's first full service after school learning center (now renamed the Aucocisco Learning Center). Following that, Harvey and Barbara co-founded the Aucocisco School, a state certified special purpose school.
Harvey has continued to pursue further professional development at the Gestalt International Study Center, Wellfleet, Massachusetts, having completed in 2011 their intensive Certification Program in Organizational Development, as well as a number of other related training programs.

Harvey enthusiastically brings all of his education and varied work experience to bear in assisting and supporting his clients to better their daily lives and achieve their personal goals. The focus of my coaching efforts currently include:

  • supporting parents and families (changing old, ineffective parenting patterns, providing new information, implementing better more effective parenting strategies, etc.)
  • addressing academic/school concerns (i.e. underachievers, children with Attention Deficits, Learning or Developmental Disabilities, children with ASD, etc.). 
  • working alongside individuals seeking "life coaching" (adult children who might be "stuck" in their efforts to move ahead in their lives or adults who aspire to achieve desired but elusive personal goals)organizational development in small or large businesses

A Personal Note from Harvey

I bring humor and dedication to my work. My goal is to collaboratively work with you to establish a practical, effective, and productive coaching experience and strategy. My coaching process supports increasing client awareness, establishing trust, and purposefully working toward achieving personal goal(s), all grounded in an innovative, effective strengths-based approach. 

 I welcome your requests for more detailed follow-up information. I am always delighted to initially meet with you at no cost, so that you can personally evaluate how we might best work together to achieve your goals.

To contact me, please use the Contact Form on this website, email me at auccoaching@gmail.com, or call me today at (207) 773-7323; I'll look forward to speaking with you and answering any questions you may have.