1) What is coaching at Aucocisco?

Coaching is a relatively new label for an age old process of learning by doing. Coaching has been proven to be successful in assisting parents, children and teenagers/young adults in learning new skills: identifying their own native strengths and building upon these talents to acquire new skills and achieve new life goals as needed.

As Head Coach at Aucocisco, Harvey Melnick draws upon years of graduate education in psychology, ten years as the head of training for a large childrens’ mental health agency, and over 30 years as co-owner and director with Barbara Melnick of both the Learning Achievement Center and later, the Aucocisco School and Learning Center. In addition, he reviews manuscripts for publication in the professional journal, The Education and Treatment of Children. Click here to read more about Harvey Melnick.

My core philosophy to working with individuals is strengths-based and practical. I focus on the here and now versus the past, and emphasize what is working versus what is broken. Parents, children, and young adults are all provided with additional, helpful information to assist them in changing their perspective and therefore their behavior. This takes the form of articles, assigned homework meant to enhance the coaching process, and evaluative home-based tools as aids to better acquire new skills.

Coaching encourages opportunities for individuals to take risks; learn and acquire new skills through practice; and build new, practical, effective and positive ways of behaving. I am confident that a step-by-step incremental approach to learning, coupled with a positive and supportive approach provides a predictable path to success. My goal is to support families and children in bringing about meaningful and practical changes in their lives by learning new ways to relate to and interact with each other more effectively.

As a coach, I personally provide direction and support to families in ridding themselves of old, ineffective patterns of behavior and creating new, more effective and satisfying ways of behaving.

2) Who is coaching for?

Coaching is an appropriate choice for those families, parents, children, teens and young adults who voice an interest in and commitment to making their current situation more successful on an ongoing basis. Each individuals motivation to bring about meaningful change, or at least be open to change, is basic to the coaching process.

Coaching is designed for each person involved in the family system. It is strengths-based, inclusive, collaborative and interactive in its approach.

3) What types of situations can be addressed through coaching?

Parenting issues, such as:

  • No More Homework Hassles
  • Organizing the Disorganized Child
  • What to Do When Parental Requests Are Ignored
  • Managing the Inappropriate & Disruptive: Swearing, Lying, Stealing and Other Disruptive Behaviors
  • Establishing a consistent & effective parenting routine in the home

Child/teen issues, such as: 

  • I CAN Do It Myself: Encouraging Independence & Self-Confidence
  • Appropriate Ways of Making and Keeping Friends
  • I know My Strengths & Abilities: What I am Most Proud of About Me

4) What is the time commitment for coaching?

Effective, successful coaching is based upon the joint development of a plan of action with the individual; a commitment to working together to fashion and refashion ever evolving, better definitions of personal and/or familial success.

Coaching will initially require one hour (or so) per week. A unique aspect of coaching at Aucocisco is that once you and your coach have agreed upon a plan of action, ongoing coaching can vary. Periodic updates, fifteen (15) minute daily “check-ins,” and 30 minute sessions as needed are all options which allow for greater flexibility than traditional methods. These options will vary and be custom tailored depending on each family’s situation, and their need/desire for support.

5) Where does coaching take place?

Coaching can take place in many locations: an office, the home, an off-site coffee shop or over the phone. This decision is based on an individual agreement with each family regarding the best way to get together.

6) How will I/we know when we are finished?

The goal(s) of coaching are developed jointly and updated regularly on an ongoing basis with the family and/or individual (child /teen/young adult). Once your initial goals have been accomplished and all involved have demonstrated, along with you, an ability to satisfactorily sustain gains achieved, coaching can be terminated or transferred to an “as needed” basis.

7) How do I begin the process of coaching?

Call Aucocisco Coaching today at (207) 773-7323 and to set-up an initial interview at no cost to you.

This is an excellent opportunity to meet the coach, and to ask and have answered any of your questions regarding how coaching operates. Let us share with you our goals for coaching. Call (207) 773-7323 today and ask to speak to a coach!